Monday to Friday  from  10 AM to 8 PM       

Sat  9 AM to 2 PM  


Jonty’s Vietnamese Eatery

(408) 722-0517

17300 Depot Street  Morgan Hill, CA 95037

17300 Depot Street     Morgan Hill

(408) 722-0517

Jonty’s Menu


Pork Egg Rolls (3) with pork, served with lettuce &  “nuoc mam” dipping sauce

Spring  Rolls (2) with Shrimp & Pork or Tofu, wrapped  with  fresh herbs in rice paper, served with peanut sauce

Sriracha  Honey Chicken Wings(5)


Choice of protein in a French baguette with garlic  aioli,

 cilantro, cucumber, jalapeno & pickled carrots


Choice of protein over rice with a side of salad


SALAD $8.95


The  “Jonty” $5.00 -Vietnamese Iced Coffee with two shots of Espresso

Vietnamese Iced Coffee $3.50 -Dark roast with condensed milk

Vietnamese Green Tea $2.00

Latte,  Cappuccino $3.50-double shot

Mocha $3.50-double shot

American, Espresso $1.50/$2.50 single/double shot

Fresh Lemonade $3.50

Fresh Orange Juice $4.00

Hot Chocolate $2.50

Additional Side Order

Pate $1.50

Fried Egg $1.50

Extra Protein $2.50

Single Egg Roll $1.75

Protein Choices:

Lemon grass   Pork

Anchovy Garlic Steak

Pork Belly

Curry Chicken

Cha Lua (Vietnamese Ham)

Pesto Tofu

Ask for Special!

Catering Available